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Quality R&D
Value, Innate

Quality Assurance System

-Strictly monitor process for the raw material procurement

-Strengthen the process control of intermediate production processes,

-Improve testing methods


Regular employee training

As a growth high-tech enterprise, we truly realize that only by strictly controlling everything in the production process, paying close attention to every detail of the product, continuously improving employee’s knowhow, and strengthening modern management of the enterprise, can we ensure rapid development on a positive track. And it has been proven that both Shaanxi Rock and our users have benefited a lot from these.


Open R&D system

Shaanxi Rock, as a domestic manufacturer of precious metal catalysts, has a large-scale production base on rigorous process control system. We hereby solemnly promise that every sample you receive will have the same quality as the industrial products you will purchase in the future. They are the same.


A Trustworthy Company

Catalysts testing is an important guarantee to ensure that the finished catalyst product is what the designed one. Based on over twenty years of experience in catalyst production and use, we have designed several typical reactions for PMC activity and selectivity testing.

At the same time, we can commission special testing according to the customer's specified response, eliminating the customer's entry testing, which is more efficient and convenient to our customers.